FTPA advised Nirvana Brands and Dilesh Mehta in the takeover of La Bouche Rouge

October 13 2023

FTPA acted for Nirvana Brands and Dilesh Mehta, founder of Beauty Brands Global, in the takeover of the prestigious French cosmetics brand, La Bouche Rouge.

This operation marks a new milestone for La Bouche Rouge, the emblematic French luxury brand founded by Nicolas Gerlier and best known for its innovative refillable lipsticks. Although widely carried by renowned retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Violet Grey, Saks Fifth Avenue and Le Bon Marché, the brand faced financial challenges, leading to a court receivership last July.

The acquisition by Beauty Brands Global promises a new era for La Bouche Rouge. With the intention of implementing a revisited business model, he also announced the arrival of Florence Rollet as General Manager of La Bouche Rouge, with the continuing support of Vincent Jeanniard, transition manager and Jean Mortier as Chairman.

This takeover ensures the continued operation of the line in Paris with key members of the original production team to rebuild and strengthen the identity of the brand.

FTPA acted for Nirvana Brands and Dilesh Mehta, with a team comprising Rajeev Sharma-Fokeer and Edouard Fabre (both partners).