We seek to create a better future for our clients by delivering value-based solutions and transforming their challenges in opportunities to grow.

We deliver today what our clients need next.

Innovation for smarter decisions

We strongly believe in the importance of innovation to be the law firm of the future – right now. We combine the power of our teams with cutting edge technology to develop new models that will shape the future of our clients in a safe and sustainable environment.

We do not see innovation as fashion trend: Our vision is to ensure that we provide the best mix of legal talent and technology for each task.

Transforming legal services with Blockchain, Compliance and Healthcare

We are on the move. Our expertise is flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients.

We have the ability to build cross-fonctional, workable solutions that create and secure value for our clients.

Collaboration is key

Collaborations among FTPA lawyers in various disciplines produce innovative solutions for our clients. We also engage strategic partners from the technology community to achieve great results.

In today’s new world economic order, we partner with our clients offering state-of-the-art technology solutions to overcome the new competition challenges and enhance the protection of their rights.