Public law

The firm’s public law team provides assistance, advice and legal representation on a full range of legal issues to all kinds of public, private and international institutional entities.

In this capacity, we provide advisory, audit and litigation services to companies and public entities in relation to their contractual relationships both at the procurement and execution stages, and are involved in public financing, services and public works contracts, PPP, authorizations and agreements to occupy public property, grants and government aid.

We also defend the interests of our public and private sector clients in connection with various liability regimes, particularly in the area of public works and infrastructure.

We advise and defend public entities on a broad range of legal issues related how they are run, from creating or modifying wholly and partly state-owned institutions, to public service, to public sector accounting and evaluating cultural heritage.

Our public law team is involved in urban planning matters both in relation to regulatory and operational considerations. Our urban planning expertise also extends to commercial development issues. As such we advise promoters, developers, industrial groups and companies in implementing projects and in related litigation.

We advise our clients on a full range of issues related to projects which have a significant environmental component, including ICPE, decommissioning procedures, regulations related to polluted soil, drafting and negotiating environmental law clauses in contracts.

Our team strives to consistently provide clients with practical solutions that meet their needs, and that are in line with their specific organization and activity.

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