Art market

We advise institutions and individuals within the area of public ownership and national collections within the field of donations and legacies.

We work in close liaison with many actors of the art industry including international art galleries, Public Auction Houses, and leading museums.

In particular, the Firm has chosen a transversal and collaborative approach between its departments (intellectual property, tax, corporate law, public law, litigation and notary) in order to meet its clients need’s with a high level of expertise on complex issues related to the the art industry, in particular:

legal advice and litigation within the art industry for Foundations, public institutions or famous artist’s rightholder’s;

Artists’ wealth management: inheritance or taxation issues ;

Transactions: loans or donations, relating to individual works or entire collections through the implementation of appropriate mechanisms ;

Artists’ estates issues and conflict management involving rights holders and supports artists and/or their rights holders in the exploitation of works and in the course of the daily management of their relationships with museums and other art galleries ;

Fight against counterfeiting, and deals with issues related to the authenticity of properties sold by private sales or public auctions via famous auction houses ;

Protection of works of art through the provision of an innovative Blockchain time-stamping service for FTPA clients ;

Creation of a FTPA think tank, aiming to offer adapted action plans to meet the needs of its clients, in the context of the expansion of NFTs in the art sector.

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