Practice Areas

FTPA is a multidisciplinary law firm that advises and represents clients across the complete range of business law matters.

The combination of the firm’s capabilities allows us to adopt a global approach, aimed at optimizing solutions for our clients.

The firm has vast experience in a broad range of sectors allowing it to fully grasp practical issues faced by its clients, including companies, corporate groups, listed companies or directors and private individuals, associations or foundations.

Where necessary, we call on external specialists in areas requiring specific expertise.

The firm acts both in France and abroad


Securities laws & Takeover bids

Led by Alexandre Omaggio, our team has a strong expertise in securities laws.

We advise listed companies or investors for issuances of securities (public offerings, private placements), acquisitions of shareholdings, block trades, shareholders agreements and reorganizations.

Regarding tender offers (cash and/or exchange offers, squeeze out), we advise bidders as well as targets.

Our team also advises listed companies on all their corporate governance issues (organization of boards, managing directors compensation, regulated transactions, insider trading policy, representation of employees at the board), regulated information, share buy-backs and preparation of shareholders meetings (in particular the preparation of financial authorizations).

We also assist issuers, with the assistance of our tax and employment law teams, in the implementation of incentives for managing directors and employees.

Dispute Resolution

Since the firm was founded, FTPA has developed comprehensive knowledge and recognized expertise in dispute resolution, including the pre- and post-litigation phases, and particularly in the areas of mediation and arbitration, which today are the principal means of resolving international commercial disputes. Our teams act before both French and European courts, and in certain cases, also before international courts alongside one of our local referral firms. Our team, specialized in local and international arbitration and mediation, both institutional and ad hoc, has in-depth knowledge and expertise of the rules and practices in this area, and proven experience, allowing us to act throughout all phases of the arbitral process. We also assist our clients before professional and administrative entities in France and abroad, particularly with regard to compliance and competition matters. On a regular basis we draw on the expertise and different skills of our lawyers, many of whom have multicultural backgrounds, which is a key asset in assisting and advising foreign clients. Our comprehensive understanding of contentious matters means we have the foresight to recommend strategies to our clients that are tailored to the situation they are in, particularly with regard to preventing litigation and identifying potential risks. We are also called upon to act in recognizing and enforcing decisions (judgements and arbitral awards). In addition, we have proven capabilities in relation to unfair appeals of bank guarantees and complex technical litigation involving judicial expertise procedures. We also advise companies and their management on corporate liability matters.

General Litigation

Since its creation, FTPA has acquired recognized knowhow and expertise in dispute resolution, one of our core practice areas, relating to complex matters as well as assisting clients both at pre-litigation and post-litigation stages.

We routinely rely on our diverse and multilingual / multijurisdictional litigation capabilities to advise and act for French and international clients.

Our litigation skills also include advising clients on suitable strategies, depending on the type of dispute and interests at stake, particularly to prevent or settle disputes out of court.

At the stage of open litigation, our teams routinely act before both French and foreign courts, as the case may be, to assist local correspondents.

We have significant expertise in specific areas such as calling in of bank guarantees and technical and complex litigation that require, amongst others, Court -appointed expert proceedings. We assist clients and their insurers in all types of litigation, including construction and industrial matters in addition to general commercial disputes, as well as for shareholders disputes in close cooperation with our M&A and corporate law team.

We further act before regulatory authorities and/or administrative bodies, in France or abroad, in particular in competition and compliance matters. We also assist our clients, firms or executives, in connection with civil of criminal liability.

In addition, we assist and represent clients for purposes of pursuing enforcement of decisions (Court rulings or arbitral awards).

Our team also assists clients in pursuing alternative and/or amicable dispute resolution methods such as mediation or conciliation processes or in negotiating settlement agreements.

Arbitration / Alternative Dispute Resolution

FTPA has built a strong and recognized practice in arbitration.

Our dedicated team assists French or foreign clients in national and cross border arbitration processes, whether under French or foreign substantive laws, and acts in ad hoc arbitration or in institutional arbitration in front of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) or the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

We act for clients, companies and their in-house legal teams, on complex technical disputes requiring full knowledge of proceedings and a strong expertise in technical, financial and legal issues that are likely to arise in such proceedings. We have built a specific expertise in construction and industrial disputes, in commercial disputes, termination of established commercial relationships involving distributors, foreign commercial agents or franchise agreements, as well as indemnification claims or disputes arising between shareholders in close cooperation with our M&A and corporate law team.

Our team members are multicultural and rely on various skills and expertise which allow us to advise and assist our clients, whether French or foreign, throughout the arbitral proceedings and at the stage of enforcement of arbitral awards.

Our team also assists clients in pursuing alternative and/or amicable dispute resolution methods such as mediation or conciliation processes or in negotiating settlement agreements.

Media law

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Private Equity

FTPA is involved on a regular basis in private equity and risk capital transactions (fund raising, cash-out transactions, shareholding acquisitions) and LBO/MBO, advising investors (funds, family offices, business angels), companies and/or their managers.

Our assistance covers all aspects of these transactions: legal and tax structuring, due diligence, drafting and negotiation of pre-contractual agreements (term sheet), investment agreements and shareholders’ agreements, issuance of complex securities (convertible bonds, shares with warrants attached, subscription warrants, redeemable bonds, etc.), managers and employees incentive plans (management package) etc.

Depending on the matter, we also rely on other areas of expertise of our firm (in particular, tax and employment) to ensure the optimal handling of cases.

Aviation Law

We regularly advise airline companies and businesses involved in the following sectors:

  • Aeronautics
  • Purchases, sales and rentals of aircrafts and related services and parts
  • Air, land and maritime transport
  • Transport infrastructure

We have significant experience assisting air transport insurers as well as aircraft and helicopter constructors, particularly in connection with product liability and air transport accidents.

We also advise and assist our clients in matters related to their dealings with the administrative and airport co-ordination authorities (DGAC, ACNUSA, COHOR agents, etc.).

New technologies

We have developed extensive expertise in the digital sector, particularly with regard to service providers’ liability, security policies, abusive SEO rankings, and infringement of rights relating to personality/internet reputation. We assist clients in developing their businesses on the internet (selling products and services online, drafting service contracts entered into with their partners and clients, legal audits of websites, etc.). We are retained both prior at a pre-litigation stage to prevent litigation as well as in litigation matters before courts or arbitrators. Our clients are generally online merchants, publishers of software and innovative IT solutions. We also advise other companies operating in a broad range of sectors where technology is key to the development of their business.

Banking and financial services

Our team advises and assists financial and banking/investment service providers and institutions both on all regulatory issues likely to arise. Our services include drafting and updating necessary documentation for the provision of their professional services. Our work also covers the contractual relationships between licensed service providers and their clients, in all respects from client documentation (including account agreements, financial services agreements or investment management mandates) or documentation relating to their professional/ethical rules (KYC procedures, operational/monitoring processes, marketing/distribution of financial products …)

We advise our banking/institutional clients on recurring/topical changes in rules and regulations applying to all aspects of their businesses (AIFMD, UCITS, MIFs, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing regulations …)

We further advise in their dealings with regulatory bodies both in respect of licenses (both in terms of scope of services and type of financial products) and at all stages in banking/financial litigation (including pre-litigation work), before disciplinary authorities (Sanctions Committees of the French AMF or ACPR) and Courts.

Our experience and expertise in the sector also extends to offering efficient advice to our clients on the full spectrum of compliance issues (operations, business, products, etc.).

Intellectual property law

Our team has proven expertise across a full range of intellectual property issues, with capabilities to both advise and represent clients in dispute-related matters. We support French and international clients, mainly on legal issues related to trademarks, copyright, industrial designs and models, and patents. Our broad skill-set allows us to efficiently ensure the protection and defense of our clients’ intellectual property rights. In this capacity, we regularly act before the different intellectual property rights protection offices (INPI, EUIPO, OMPI). We also ensure negotiating and drafting all types of industrial and intellectual property contracts. We are involved in complex dispute resolution related to counterfeiting and unfair competition before both French court and international courts, or by means of mediation or arbitration. We also act before European Union courts (Tribunal and Court of Justice) and regularly work with customs officials to combat counterfeiting and ensure the protection of our clients’ rights.

Marketing and advertising

Led by Fabrice Lorvo, the marketing and advertising law team assists clients in France and abroad in connection with their communications and marketing activities. Our services include securing corporate communications (publicity, television broadcasting, public signs and billboards, social media and events) as well as advising on pre-litigation and litigation matters.

We regularly handle rights issues related to the commercial use of one’s image (particularly models, professional athletes, persons participating in public events), the organization of events (particularly athletic events) in relation to sponsoring and broadcasting rights, the limitations to freedom of expression (public right to information, slander and defamation, among others), as well as web reputation issues.

Over the course of our many years of experience, we have become particularly well-versed in tailoring our advice to the ever changing landscape of the communications world, particularly in relation to the digital revolution.

[1] Note du traducteur : “communications and marketing law » n’est pas courant comme terme; « marketing and advertising law » est un domaine reconnu et me semblait le plus juste.

Insurance and mutual insurance

We provide advisory and litigation assistance to insurance companies, pension and benefits institutions, as well as financial institutions in France and abroad, on regulatory matters specific to their business.

In particular, we are recognized for our unique expertise in mutual insurance law and advising pension and benefits institutions, with regard to implementing new provisions for group supplemental health plans, now mandatory, and have advised a number of well-known organizations in this sector.

We also advise clients on matters related to contracting and implementing insurance policies (policies’ coverage and exclusions, particularly liability or damages), including, in the case of a major incident, whether litigious or not, starting from the legal appraisal stage.

We regularly draw on the complementary skills of the firm in various other practice areas related to the insurance business, both in public and private law in relation to judicial or administrative bodies, as well as independent public authorities (AMF, ACPR, among others).

Tax law

We help our clients manage and resolve their tax issues. We primarily advise both listed and unlisted corporations, across a broad range of industry sectors.

Our tax lawyers work closely with teams in the firm’s other practice areas in structuring their advice and strategies, particularly in connection with mergers and acquisitions, private equity (including management packages), as well as in French and international restructuring matters.

We have also developed proven expertise in estate planning, and in the organization and transfer of family-owned assets, as well as in setting up real estate holding structures.

In addition, our team has extensive experience and know-how in managing tax controversy matters with the French tax authorities and in effectively advising clients on legislation that is frequently subject to revision.

Real estate and construction law

Our team advises clients in connection with real estate investments and particularly in relation to acquisitions and transfers of real estate portfolios, real estate companies and business assets.

Recently, we advised a telecoms operator in completing the acquisition of a distribution network of more than 500 sales outlets.

We are also involved in drafting legal documentation for large industrial and infrastructure projects, particularly in the energy, transportation and hotel sectors.

For example, we recently drafted on behalf of an energy sector leader, all the construction and operating agreements for a solar energy site.

Our expertise also extends to advising property management companies.

In addition, we advise contractors, project developers and companies in connection with their contractual undertakings and represent them in pre-litigation and dispute resolution before courts and arbitral tribunals.

Our practice is particularly well recognized for its role in technically complex dispute resolution and expert witness procedures.

We are involved in matters covering a broad geographic range, including France, Europe, as well as Africa (Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Senegal and South Africa) and the Middle East.

Intangible assets

Public law

The firm’s public law team provides assistance, advice and legal representation on a full range of legal issues to all kinds of public, private and international institutional entities.

In this capacity, we provide advisory, audit and litigation services to companies and public entities in relation to their contractual relationships both at the procurement and execution stages, and are involved in public financing, services and public works contracts, PPP, authorizations and agreements to occupy public property, grants and government aid.

We also defend the interests of our public and private sector clients in connection with various liability regimes, particularly in the area of public works and infrastructure.

We advise and defend public entities on a broad range of legal issues related how they are run, from creating or modifying wholly and partly state-owned institutions, to public service, to public sector accounting and evaluating cultural heritage.

Our public law team is involved in urban planning matters both in relation to regulatory and operational considerations. Our urban planning expertise also extends to commercial development issues. As such we advise promoters, developers, industrial groups and companies in implementing projects and in related litigation.

We advise our clients on a full range of issues related to projects which have a significant environmental component, including ICPE, decommissioning procedures, regulations related to polluted soil, drafting and negotiating environmental law clauses in contracts.

Our team strives to consistently provide clients with practical solutions that meet their needs, and that are in line with their specific organization and activity.

Employment law

The goal of our employment law practice is to leverage the labor and welfare legal system as a means for companies to manage efficiently.

We advise small and medium sized companies, as well as large French and international corporations across a full range of labor law and benefits issues, ensuring they conform to the latest legislation and case law which is constantly changing in this area, particularly with regard to optimizing pays scales, working hours and putting in place solutions adapted to corporate officers’ circumstances.

With the support of lawyers in the firm’s other practice areas, our combined skills have allowed us to develop specific expertise in restructuring, particularly with regard to the labor law considerations involved in acquisitions, mass layoffs, and the information and consultation process involving works councils.

We also represent clients before different administrative bodies (work inspection, URSSAF, national healthcare entities, etc.) and in various courts (employee claims court (conseils de prud’hommes), social security tribunal, administrative courts and the court of appeal).

M&A and corporate law

We are involved in the initial legal structuring phase and in executing corporate finance transactions. Our team advises the firm’s clients (listed and unlisted companies, growing companies, investment funds, family-owned businesses) throughout all phases of their development in the following areas:
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Private Equity (capital raising and acquisitions of share interests), LBO and MBO transactions
  • Securities Law (tender offers, share issuances and corporate governance)
  • Joint ventures and alliances
  • Restructuring
  • Due Diligence
  • Managing representations and warranties
  • Ongoing corporate legal advice
Our team works closely with lawyers in other practice areas, particularly the tax, employment, insolvency and intellectual property teams, and draws on their cross-disciplinary skills to effectively respond to the multiple issues involved in corporate transactions. Our clients are based in France and abroad. We regularly work with our clients in French and in English, including in connection with cross-border transactions. When needed, we are supported by a first-class network of international referral firms with which we have built strong relationships.

Insolvency and restructuring

We advise on restructuring matters for companies and corporate groups faced with challenging situations in a complex and constantly shifting environment.

In our approach to advising clients, we allow them to use the law as a tool to overcome difficulties and develop their business.

We primarily advise companies (large corporations, SMEs, and occasionally small businesses) and their shareholders in France and abroad. We represent debtors and buyers, as well as shareholders.

Drawing on the firm’s multidisciplinary skills, our specialized team of lawyers ensures proactive and first-rate assistance, and regularly demonstrates its ability to innovate in the solutions it puts forward.

The team is involved on three levels – in connection with safeguard procedures, insolvency procedures, as well as in situations involving neither safeguard or insolvency procedures. We have developed specific expertise with regard to managing proceedings while working closely with all the legal entities involved, including conciliators, receivers, judicial representatives, commercial courts, interim managers, trustees, etc.

We aim to share inspirational new ideas with our clients and steadily support them throughout every stage of their development.

  • Aeronautics and Transportation
  • Art law
  • Insurance
  • Distribution
  • Energy
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Luxury
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Media, Entertainment and Sports
  • Banking and Financial Services
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